NBS AGTECH is a Hemp Genetics & Technology Company comprised of a group of seasoned entrepreneurs, growers, farmers, and technologists. The NBS team believes the key to scalable hemp farming success, is to grow genetics that FINISH FAST remain COMPLIANT while providing best in class cannabinoids and terpenes which are the keys to it medicinal effects.

As Auto Flower experts, we have maintained a steady focus on improving our 75 day Master Kush (MK) Autoflower and our soon to be released Tri-Crop. All of our auto flower are NOT light dependent and proven to be pest and mold resistant.

The MKAF is the only Hemp Autoflower’s to pass all Florida State University testing for Federal THC compliance, pest and mold resistance and received its 2020-2021 certification in Florida.

The NBS team is confident in our genetics’ performance, and under optimum care and condition, the MKAF will outperform all other Autoflower genetics in the marketplace today.

Our Vision

What will our team accomplish for you

To help the American farmers become leaders in global industrial hemp production with best-in-class cannabinoids and terpenes designed to help humans, pets, livestock, and then the world.

We will achieve our mission by;

  • Providing the quickest finishing compliant Autoflower on the market, and.
  • Providing genetics that is the highest yielding flower producer in its class, and
  • Providing owner-to-owner support, as needed, when needed, and
  • We do not avoid calls, we are here to listen to our customers.

Seed Compliancy

Each batch of seeds we grow or purchase from our farm share partners have been sent to ISO approved LABS for CBD, THC, and Terpene testing. Once approved, new COAs are issued for each new batch and strain. This process ensures both the quality and quantity of the genetics Cannabinoids, Terpenes as well as to confirm that no THC cross-contamination took place and that the plants will finish compliant with the US and most global industrial hemp programs in 2021.

Where We Have Grown