Unbeknownst to a vast number of people across the United States we consume hemp products in our daily lives. While many people still assume that anyone consuming hemp must be doing so by smoking marijuana or ingesting CBD, they would probably be surprised to find that some of their own household products most likely have hemp products in them. Spanning across various industries and adding up to thousands of products, hemp has proven time and again to be a highly useful crop. Let’s take a look at some real hemp products being consumed daily in our country and across the world.

Different Starts for Different Parts

Unlike many other crops hemp is wholly useful because products can be made from nearly every part of the plant. Once hemp is fully grown you end up with the stalk and the seeds, both of which can be further broken down into three parts of their own, and each of those three parts are individually useful. The seed of the hemp plant can be divided into the nut, the oil and the cake and each of these distinct parts can be used to make very different products. The stalk or fiber of the hemp plant can be divided into the hurd, the bast and the stalk, and again each of these parts are individually beneficial for very different products. These diagrams give a glimpse at some of the uses for each part of the hemp seed and the hemp stalk:

The Various Industries Utilizing Hemp

There are three major industries that utilize hemp products: food, construction and material, and medicine. In the food industry hemp can be used to make hemp juice, hemp milk and hemp protein. In fact, right on Amazon a shopper can easily find a vast selection of hemp milks and have one delivered to their home within 48 hours. In the construction sector hemp is used to make fiber reinforced plastics, hempcrete and oakum – a tarred fiber used to seal gaps like a caulking. In the medical sector CBD oil has really gained popularity as a natural and therapeutic remedy to many physical ailments including but not limited to body aches, headaches, seizures, insomnia and anxiety to list a few.

In addition to the above three industries hemp can be sold and used in its raw form as raw hemp fiber and raw hemp oil. Impressively, raw hemp oil can also be used in biodiesel, making for a more environmentally friendly source of fuel. Hemp jewelry, most commonly necklaces and bracelets, are a popular product made by weaving hemp twine to make a fashionable and sturdy base to wear alone or sometimes incorporated with beads and stones.

Finally, one of the most famous and well known uses for hemp is with hemp paper products. Hemp paper refers to a variety of paper products consisting exclusively of or to a large extent from the pulp and fiber of the hemp plant. These products span from hemp writing paper to cigarette paper. And in addition to all of the above-listed products we haven’t even yet mentioned that one can easily find and purchase hemp lotions, lubricants, lip balms, and various other beauty products, which boast hemp as a natural, healthy and even therapeutic ingredient for the body and skincare.

With so many industries interested in and using industrial hemp crops it is no wonder this crop is once again a quickly growing commodity. For more information on how to get your hemp farm started today email us at or give us a call at (702) 992 – 0552. We look forward to exploring the possibilities today of how we work together tomorrow.