Mojave Cherry

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Mojave Cherry is a high-grade industrial hemp hybrid strain that producing great results in NV and CA and is compliant producing under .3 THC and even lower to “zero” Delta 9 results. Additionally, our Mojave Cherry produces CBD percentages in the teens.


Mojave Cherry Qualities

Seeds: Regular Mixed Seed (Non-Feminized)
Harvest: Outdoor - Mid October
Potency: 8-13% CBD - <0.3% THC

Its lineage is long and its pairing with stars like Charlotte’s Cherries and Cherry Kandahar makes it both a manageable size plants and great in dry warm climates with stable results.

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GUARANTEE: Industrial hemp seeds perform differently in different growing environments, at different times of the year as well as with differing techniques implemented by each individual farmer or its team. Along with unknown local environmental issues, weather and acts of God, seed and plant stress can be caused by many variables. These variables include but are not limited to, different soil conditions, water conditions, and additives along with separate or combined effects caused by both seed, soil and plant handling, all associated with differing farming techniques, processes and methods, all of which are completely out of the NBS Agtech’s control. No warranty is implied and Buyer will need to accepts the terms and conditions of both a Seed Sales Agreement and a Material Handling Agreement upon purchasing. Our genetics have met the standards set by the Dept. of Agriculture in most states. Contact us for consulting if you need more info.

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